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The best gifts for him in Valentine’s Day-Elevator shoes

Looking for a fantastic Valentine’s gift? Men’s elevator shoes are the ideal choice to discreetly increase height by up to 5 inches
  elevator shoes
If your other half has always dreamed of being a little taller then now’s your chance to make his dreams come true this Valentine’s DayElevator shoes can be the perfect way to increase height from 2.4 inches and even up to 6 inches, all thanks to the hidden technology within the shoe. This allows for a discreet way for your man to become taller without anyone else knowing how it’s done.
A lot of men don’t know that there’s a simple solution to their height problems, or perhaps they’re too afraid to try them. But this Valentine’s Day can be the perfect time to try. Surprise your other half with the gift of height and confidence with height increasing shoes. It also means you’ll be able to wear your favorite heels too, without making your man feel too short.
Wearing Elevator Shoes for the First Time
Wearing height increasing shoes can help slim your man’s physique as well as make him taller. They can give your man the confidence to accompany you out on the town while you wear your 6 inch stilettos. But if your man has never worn C&F elevator shoes before, there are some things you might want to think about.
·         Choose elevator shoes in a style that he likes. With so many styles available, there is bound to be one in a similar style to the shoes he would normally wear. If he’s a fan of loafers, opt for leather elevator loafers. Or perhaps he prefers sneakers or is looking for more formal shoes?
·         Start with a 2 inch heel. This is the lowest heel height and can be a good choice to begin with. It can let your man get used to height increasing shoes and let him choose if he then wants to opt for a higher heel height the next time and increase it gradually.
Luxury Elevator Shoes - A New Experience
Maybe your man has already tried height increasing shoes and didn’t like them. But with C&F elevator shoes, each pair is designed and using traditional techniques and the finest leathers for the utmost in comfort and quality. So your man can have a more comfortable experience of elevator shoes in styles he will love.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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