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Is She taller than you?

Is She taller than you?
“You must be curious about this title. Yes, What if your wife is taller than you?  Sure you love each other, but the many times you guys have to show in public occasion. Would you like to come with her in a best looking?

“I don’t care” some people might said that. But for me, a short guy(168cm), I always remember that some people staring at me and Whispering . My wife did not say anything, but I could feel she is trying to protect me, I want to protect her. I should change.
What if you could stand higher when attend a party with her?
What if you could make your presentation to the audience confidently?
And Your lover is more supportive for you, your boss begin to watch you with satisfaction. You make more friends at party.
This is not just a story, after I met C&F elevator shoes, It did help me . I am 175cm now ,I feel very good. I try to eat medicine before, it cost me money but useless. I was surprised by the C&F height increasing shoes. They have many style such as dress, casual ,sport, and every season have new designs.  I wear it day and day, it’s so comfortable. And nobody knows my secret.

Thanks for reading, hope my opinions could help some friend want to be taller.”

-This article is from our retail store’s buyer, Thanks for his sharing, this is meaningful for us. As a height increasing shoes manufacturer, we always care about the direct buyer’s feeling, if we could satisfy them, our distributor will be satisfied with us.



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