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Height is not the reason to escape fashion

We always see tall models in fashion show, their design are always big and oversize. It’s hard to find a reason wearing them properly.
Is that the fashion only belong to tall guys? No exactly, let’s see more.
First tips,If you want to close to fashion, start with clothing.

Keep learning the fashion guide, such as wearing the fit suit ,simple same color, short cut coat,it will let your body “looks” tall outside.

The other thing is to built your own confidence ,C&F elevator shoes will help you “be” taller instantly .Many super stars wear height increasing shoes , such as Tom Cruise and Iron man Robert Downey,they wear elevator shoes known by public.They are always follow the latest vogue and fashion.

C&F elevator shoes are different than traditional height increasing shoes, we have professional research and development department. The shoes are lighter, looks same outside as normal. It helps you become taller invisibly.

To different occasion, C&F elevator shoes combine more styles: Wedding, Formal dress, Business Casual,Casual, Sneaker,Sports,boots and so on.  Every hour and moment fashion is around you.

Anyway,If you think you are shorter than others,always be afraid of trying, then you will go far away.

Fashion should not be stop by the height.Height increasing shoes could be your next step into fashion circle.

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