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Why Do Dress Shoes Matter In Men’s Style?

Reason 1 – Shoes Indicate Your Status

Shoes have always been a significant part of people’s status throughout history.

They have been known to indicate or represent wealth (or the lack of it) – especially in different forms of media and literature.


Reason 2 – Shoes Represent Attention To Detail

Which actually makes sense – as there still is an inherent bias that men are less detail-oriented than women. That they only care about a good combo of shirt, jacket, and trousers.

By showing off a stylish pair – you break away from that stereotype. You prove you’ve got an eye for small details. That you’re a little more “sophisticated.”


Reason 3 – Shoes Help You Look Sharp From Head To Toe

Who can really bring their A-game in style?

Men who are well-aware of their end points… as in the two spots that are subject to the most eye fixation.

Those end points are namely (1) your face and (2) your dressed up feet. Obviously, you don’t use clothing to give your face that “wow” factor – just your hairstyle and facial hair to work with.

But it’s a whole other story when it comes to your feet. Choosing great shoes will make people see you as a completely (not just “very”) stylish guy.

Reason 4 – Quality Shoes Are A Spending Priority

Let’s face it – people judge people all the time. Some like to base judgments on your spendings.

But if a normal guy with a regular job can show off a pair of high-quality shoes… it tells his peers that he’s got his spending priorities straight.

That’s right. Classy, elegant men’s shoes should be a priority item. There’s really no shame in it.

We all have a right to buy whatever we can use to improve ourselves, and a right to enjoy a nice reward with our hard-earned money. More and more people have realized that.

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