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How to choose your perfect shoes

      According to the study conducted by the College of Podiatry, of 2000 adults surveyed, 1/3 of men and nearly 1/2 of women admitted to purchasing shoes that didn't exactly fit.
      While it might not seem a huge deal at the time if a pair of heels feels a smidgen too tight, the research shows that improperly fitting shoes can actually have a number of negative health effects—hammertoes, deformities, bunion growth, and consistent foot pain are a given, but poorly fitting shoes can also contribute to things like headaches and back pain.
      The solution? Never wear a pair of shoes you haven't confirmed properly fit. In theory, this means online shopping for shoes is a dangerous risk, and if they don't fit when you receive them, you should return them. But more importantly, getting a really solid measurement of your feet to determine the size you should be wearing is a must.

Shoe Fit
       The best designed shoes in the world will not do their job if they do not fit properly. You can avoid foot problems by finding a shoe store that employs a pedorthist or professional shoe fitter who knows about the different shapes and styles of shoes.
      Or you can become an informed consumer by following these guidelines:

  • Don't go just by size. Have your feet measured.
  • Visit the shoe store at the end of a workout when your feet are largest.
  • Wear the socks you normally wear when working out.
  • Fit the shoe to the largest foot.
  • Make sure the shoe provides at least one thumb's breadth of space from the longest toe to the end of the toe box.
  • If you have bunions or hammertoes, find a shoe with a wide toe box. You should be able to fully extend your toes when you're standing, and shoes should be comfortable from the moment you put them on. They will not stretch out.
  • Women who have big or wide feet should consider buying men's or boys' shoes, which are cut wider for the same length. 

Six more tips for buying your next pair of shoes:

1. Wear the same type of sock to the store that you’ll be wearing with the particular shoe. A thick white tube sock      or thin dress sock can sway the fit more than you think.

2. Width is often as important as length, so make sure the shoe fits in every direction.

3. Shop for shoes at the end of the day when your feet have already expanded.

4. If you fall in love with a pair that's slightly too big, try them on with insoles. 

5. If your feet are different sizes, make sure to measure the larger one for best fit.

6. If you’re not sure about how a particular brand fits when purchasing online, don’t be afraid to buy two and plan to send one back. At this point, shoe companies are almost counting on it, so return shipping is usually free.


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