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How to Avoid Bad Elevator Shoes

According to our years-research (actually we’ve been doing this over 22 years now) on the field of elevator shoes, a well-crafted height increasing shoes could help you form the good habits of belly in, buttocks tight, shoulders back and spine straight. It will invisibly add 2-5 inches in height without losing any comfort, boost your stature and heighten your confidence when you're wearing our elevator shoes.
Well, that’s the benefits which you could take from a good elevator shoes… 
But, have you ever think of what a bad elevator shoes will do to you?

Someone said his experience
We come up this topic because one of our client’s experiences as below:
Hi, I'm around 160 and 5' 8.25'', 5' 9'' in the morning/ on a good day haha. Keep in mind I'm Asian so that's average I guess. Anyways, I know for sure this isn't as bad as 5'4'' and many will say I'm average height, but after lurking on r/short for so long I've become self conscious of my height because every male I know is 5'10+ and all of my friends are 6' 1'' or above. Also since I'm going to be a businessman lots the people in the firms are 5' 10''+ and most CEOs that I've met were easily 6'+ so I want a equal fighting chance. Because of this I've bought some rubber lifts that add 3' (1 inch heel, 2 inch rubber lifts" so I'm around 6'. My confidence skyrocketed and I feel so much better. I can feel people treat me differently, even a bit, as I look down on a lot of clients at my internships and it makes me feel powerful. It even feels weird not wearing elevator shoes anymore. I walk, bike, even sometimes jog in them. I've never felt any discomfort, but my dad has warned me that it can deform my feet. I was wondering if you guys had any knowledge on long-term effects on elevator shoes?
Speaking of whether or not the elevator shoes will deform your feet on long-term effect, the truth is a bad one will do
Why the bad elevator shoes will damage your feet?
1. They put your feet in a very unnatural position because of the universal increaser/insole inside. Especially when you're wearing something as extreme as three to five inches, the higher your chances of permanently damaging to your feet.
2. They’re designed & made just for increasing your height but no protecting your foot.
It’s not doubt that the insole (we prefer to call it increaser) are always playing a big role of elevator shoes, what is it like to identify a professional increaser?
1. 15° angle increaser made by following Golden Ratio for hunman foot;
2. 100% Polyether Made Increaser, durable, stylish, lighter and unbreakable;
3. One unique increaser for one shoe style & size only; none of it will be universal fit for any other shoe; that's where the comfort comes from.
Okay, that’s it! Hope you enjoy today’s post of sharing, if you have further interest on our increaser, please email us and it’s possible that you will win a sample according to your current business scale.

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