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China’s Environmental Protection is Being Strengthened

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China’s Environmental Protection is being strengthened

Earlier this month, Chinese government has amended the country’s environmental protection law which will come into practice.
In a speech at the country’s National People’s Congress in June, the Chinese premier, Li Keqiang, vowed to step up the country’s efforts to “make our skies blue again”.
On top of that, June 5, 2017, Monday marks the World Environment Day, on which various activities are held across China to call for environment protection.

What’s in it for you?

Be alert, most of the pollution is the result of poor industries. It’s likely that your current suppliers are being clean-up because the activities of environmental protection have significant impact on every industry.
Be attention to the purchase plan ahead, because great industries are always seeking the less-polluting ways of sourcing and processing raw material which rising in cost. Before you’re not lucky to that, predict it
To be honest, we, ChangFeng Shoes Manufacturer are now being inspected by local government as well. It’s not a one-day-checking but the constant inspection which will remind us where to improve and what to do. We can do the good job just like we’ve been for the last 22 years.
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