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3 Ways to Lower Your Budget on Elevator Shoes Business

3 Ways to Lower Your Budget on Elevator Shoes Business

With the normal shoes competition still on the rise, most of the shoes businessmen are thinking of launching a different product range to enhance their brands. Nevertheless, it could be frustrated if you’re completely a GREEN HAND to the new product/industry like bags, clothes and whatever connected with your SHOES BUSINESS.
It’s a YES that you could learn new things, but it takes time and the timeline is long. If you can’t see yourself good at selling new items, why not stick with the shoes industry which you’ve already spent years in.
Bypassing the competition on the normal shoes market, instead you could startup on the ELEVATOR SHOES (So called Height Increasing Shoes) new project. Ever since you’ve knew a lot on shoes, it won’t take a while for you to acknowledge of the elevator shoes.
As an expert on manufacturing height increasing shoes, we’ve got some ways to help you start with this new project on lowering your budget.

1) Existing Materials and Components

If you don’t need custom work done, sourcing existing material is the way to go. Because as a 22+ years old elevator shoes manufacturer, we already get our hands on hundreds of raw leather material and shoes lasts to service the market.
All you need is just to order few samples (the existing various of shoes style) from manufacturer to inspect the quality before go further.

2) Pay Sample Cost

How to move faster? Talk to your manufacturer. Some of them will accept a price per pair surcharge to help offset their costs. The first sample shoes will come in at a higher price, but with a lower MOQ, and in turn a lower overall investment to launch your collection.

3) Ask & Communicate

Like they say if you don’t ask, you won’t get anything. A skilled elevator shoes manufacturer will educate you in very aspects for the new market. To be honest, money is not the most expensive thing, it’s time matters. So why not pay attention to learn from their years experience in just one day.
Just ask, your manufacturer have plenty of solutions suitable for your coming wholesales business of elevator shoes.

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