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Case Study - Everything You Need to Know About Elevator Shoes

Assume you may wonder should I ever wear elevator shoes or height increasing shoes to be looking taller? Or putting my investment on elevator shoes business?

Let’s find out the answer later on the bottom of this case study.

Actually these have been around you for a long time, there is a saying said that people only notice things when pay attention to it. This is making sense some people know about it while others don’t. It’s all about focus dimension.

No worry, right here ChangFeng Elevator Shoes Manufacturer will walk you through every single thing you wanted to know about these shoes which so called shoes that make people/men taller as well.


First, what are height increasing shoes?

Elevator shoes are known as height increasing shoes, lift shoes, tall shoes or high shoes, it tell you itself, a shoes that can make you stand taller. With the first glance, elevator shoes appear just like the normal shoes which is everywhere for people. However, you will figure out the minor differences when you notice.
Here it is, there is a invisible increaser layer inside.

So how much height will height increasing shoes add?

Different shoes will add different height due to the shoes lasting, the shoes usually add from 2.1 inches to 5.2 inches, it’s counted from the bottom of shoes heel to the top.

How do people think about these elevator shoes?

Well, although many people don’t fond of the idea of height increasing shoes, here is a situation like right now you’re being a little shorter in the front of your girlfriend or female people, how’s that feeling?

I said screw it! I prefer being judged wearing elevator shoes than being less confident without enough height. After all, it’s YOU wearing and enjoying it. If you’d like to look taller, then just do it and get one elevator shoes for a trying.

Nowadays, elevator shoes are as refined as like an iPhone, it’s smart and elegant unlike the big mobile phone few decades ago. This evolution happens exactly the same on elevator shoes as well which will invisibly add 2-5 inches in height without losing any comfort, new people you met won’t ever notice that you’re wearing it.

Why I knew it, well, it’s simply, I’m on a few of them from ChangFeng Elevator Shoes Manufacturer, I’m not shy to admin that I’m wearing height increasing shoes.

Here I am on it:

My girlfriend even mom made fun of me when I got it. However, when I wore it, they all said I looked GREAT in it and TALLER. It was so hard for them to admit she was wrong since she imagined it to be bulky and ugly. The shoes I got was well handcrafted with cares, trendy and most important is its GRADE leather build is very comfortable. My family was impressed. I changed their mind about it.

You’re not alone when it comes to wear a height increasing shoes, the famous people are in your situation as well, here a example:


Are ChangFeng Elevator Shoes Good for Daily Use?

YES, it works on any occasion not only special events, important meetings but also sports time. There is various shoes style that we developed for you.
Find out right here.

The bottom line:

It could be a lot to take in, however never mind, elevator shoes are totally okay! You could take the time to explore the elevator shoes and its market. As the leading height increasing shoes manufacturer in this niche market for over 22 years now, you could have us assist you in no time for a successful business.
Talk to you soon as we’d like to share our successful dealer story with you.

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