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ChangFeng Shoes Manufacturer return to work after New Year celebrations

As you all know, our Chinese Lunar New Year holiday winds down now, it means the second wave when hundreds of millions of Chinese people make their back to their places of employment.
Each of ChangeFeng Shoes People was already refreshed by the return phase of ChunYun. Which it can be marked as the greatest human migration on earth per year J
To be honest, we’re not afraid of ChunYun while wearing our own handcrafted made elevator shoes; here is a picture to share our experience with you:

  • Soft, smooth leather
  • Elegant double stitching
  • Durable, built-in soles
  • Fully rubberized bottom soles
  • Perforated and breathable mesh fabric 

Except that, on the 1st working day in China, you can receive a Hongbao! It means good luck when you are holding it. Here a picture of us right now J:

FYI: Giving red envelops or Hongbao is a custom at Chinese New Year. Red envelopes always contain money in China, and are given, most commonly, to kids from their parents, grandparents, and others as Chinese New Year gifts.
Anyway, ChangFeng shoes manufacture is coming back to work for you.
Wish you all the best in 2017 year and get wealth in the height increasing shoes market along with us!

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