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  Today is the last day of 2016 year! Although it’s passing forever, like we said, “Every day is the foot day”.
   You need shoes, we make shoes, it’s that simple; let me do the breakdown of few FAQ about doing elevator shoes business with ChangFeng Shoe Manufacturer.
Whenever you’d like to issue a shoe business, keep it in mind - ChangFeng Shoe Manufacturer.

  1. Can I take one sample?
  l  It’s a big YES for you! Basically the standard sample shoe is US$80/pair excluded shipping, please rest assure that the final real bulk/wholesale price won’t be that. The difference could be refund to your bulk order. For details, please contact our sales Aron – s5@hjdao.com.

  1. Can I put company logo on samples?
    l  Yes, you can and show us how your brand look like; our sales will be giving the confirm answer to you right away.

  1. Does our stock shoes version have logo?
  l  It’s definite that you’re right. We have our own 4 brands in domestic market in China. If you take it as sample, we can make it without any logos, total blank insole for you.
l  It’s ok if you insist to have logo on the sample, for details, please contact our sales Aron – s5@hjdao.com.
   *In the next news, I will show you why you should be doing height increasing shoes right now.
Included but not limited to:
DIY the shoe upper
Customize the shoe box
One-stop shipping s
And etc…

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