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As Chinese elevator shoes manufacturer, Guangzhou Changfeng Shoes Manufacturing Co., Ltd has invented Height Increasing Shoes and have patent in China. We also cooperated with the World's top ten elevator shoes stores for many years.
  Increasing Shoes are Hand Crafted in Genuine Leather. Wearing our height increasing elevator shoes will unnoticeably increase your height. It is light weight so you can walk with confidence without compromising your comfort. The distinctive designs of these well crafted elevated shoes will not only give you the "Extra Height" you have always wanted,  The secret of the height increase given by the products lies in the internal build-up of the shoes. This height increaser was shaped to fit in the rear of the shoe. But will also help you maintain a good posture, thus helping you reach your maximum height potential.
All the elevator shoes actually look likes normal shoes.  Increasing Shoes are unique because they have been specially designed to enhance height from the inside while leaving enough space for your feet to walk comfortably - an important factor in a good shoe.
Shoe lifts, also known as height insoles, are 100% concealed devices hidden inside your shoes to boost your height instantly. They are suitable for most sneakers, athletic shoes, dress boots and work boots. They are smartly designed to fit any shoes size.
ChangFeng elevator shoes manufacturing height increasing insoles has been developing to the third generation; let me introduce the advance height increasing insoles to you.
1.    It is made by imported polyether material, compare to stiffness of the  traditional height increasing insoles; it is becoming more light and soft flexible, the most important thing, it never change shape and cave in, so the shoes use this height increasing insoles can be wear many years.
2.    Our height increasing insoles don’t like others only have three size, it is one last for one size to match one type increaser,
3.    All of the height increasing insoles should be measure by professional measurement tool,15°C scientific radian,100% match the curve of our feet mechanics, make our elevator shoes comfortable like normal shoes .

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