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Congratulations! New Delhi Client---Mr. Edwa Cooperation

Mr. Edwa came with Miss Lee to visit Changfeng elevator shoes manufactory, and join Changfeng brand selling elevator shoes finally.
Mr. Edwa live in New Delhi, but he came from Meizhou, Gaungdong, China. He is doing leather shoes business in New Delhi, and the reputation is the most important.  He found Changfeng is the best wholesale height increasing shoes in China, and he trust Changfeng will be his best shoes supplier.
Mr. Edwa never forget Changfeng elevator shoes, and it’s the best quality he wore since 2007. He trust Changfeng elevator shoes quality many years, and would like to import it to sell in his new shoe shop in New Delhi.
Hope Mr. Edwa everything is going well in New Delhi.

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