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Congratulations! Vietnamese New Client---Mr. Manh Cooperation

It’s amazing for the transnational action that Mr. Manh came to China search for Changfeng.
Mr. Manh has been doing elevator shoes business for 6 years, has two elevator shoes stores in Vietnam. In these years, he knew a lot of brands of elevator shoes, include American and Chinese brand, so he knew the quality of elevator shoes from different country.
Why Mr. Manh know Changfeng elevator shoes?
Mr. Manh bought Changfeng elevator shoes before from the other seller, and he found that it was the dream elevator shoes, and then he remembered the Chinese Logo “何金昌”. He decided to come to China to find Changfeng Manufactory, but it’s not easy. It’s the first time Mr. Manh come to China, and he doesn’t know any Chinese but Vietnamese.
How to find Changfeng Manufactory?
Mr. Manh knew Changfeng shoes is a wholesale manufacturer of height increasing shoes, so he found the Changfeng address from a wholesale website, but he didn’t know it was an old address. He came with his fellow townsmen friends in Guangzhou to the factory, but it’s wrong. How to go ahead? Mr. Manh never give up, he found a telephone number on Alibaba website, and his fellow help to call and found the correct address finally.
Mr. Manh established business with Changfeng immediately
When Mr. Manh arrived Changfeng manufactory, he satisfied the quality of elevator shoes, and he thought Changfeng is the best custom height increasing shoes maker, then he cooperated with Changfeng immediately. He paid the 30% deposit soon, and asked for 40 days delivery time to finish his order, it’s urgent for his new arrival shoes in shop.
Changfeng appreciated Mr. Manh’s sincerity, and promised the request delivery time finally.
Best wished that Mr. Manh doing elevator shoes business better and better in Vietnam.

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