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Congratulations,HJC height increasing shoes enter the Indonesia market

Harmenn Lee who come from Indonesia visit the  He Jinchang company, carried on the  friendly negotiation and reach an agreement with us, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement!
Indonesia is the biggest economy in south-east Asia, has a population of more than 250 million.
Harmenn Lee is a pragmatic young man with energetic and passion.He learned He Jinchang as the biggest
manufacturer of elevator shoes in the world,have the broad market in Malaysia, Singapore,  Philippines,
Vietnam and other southeast Asia countries , so made a special trip to He Jinchang company, eventually
becoming the first person into Indonesia market of He Jinchang height increasing shoes.
Our company specialized in height increase shoes for 21 years.
The shoes make man taller invisible which have a very large market in the world.
product:dress shoes,casual shoes,sport shoes,boot,women shoes,sandals.

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